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Sliding and Folding Glass Balcony Systems

Experience the comfort of glass balcony systems in making our balconies more useful and spacious, which have become a part of our daily life and we spend most of our time in summer.


Erikmann Glass Balcony Systems are manufactured with high quality metal body and wheel structure for our esteemed customers to use safely for years. 8 mm or 10 mm tempered glass produced in accordance with the international standards in accordance with the height of the building provides an aesthetic appearance. The most important feature of Erikmann Glass Balcony Systems is the use of special magnetic systems instead of aluminum or plastic roving in glass joints. This feature does not distort your panorama, but provides high efficiency and thermal insulation.


Our shower cabin systems are manufactured with aluminum profile body and stainless special alloy metal bearings in accordance with National and International standards. Our tempered glass options are available in 4, 5, 6, and 8 mm upon request. Oval shower cabin, square shower cabin, rectangular shower cabin, flat boat, seated shower tray, shock shower models are available. The most preferred Günlük hygienic plexiglass da in daily use offers flexible alternatives to our customers.



Founded in 1957 under the name Erikmann Makine, our company has continued its activities in the shower cabin sector in 1992 and has been serving our valued customers for years. Our company is one of the first glass balcony manufacturers in Istanbul. Erikmann Glass Balcony Systems continues its activities including design, planning, design and implementation services and export. Approved and guaranteed by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology with the material, application and fast after-sales service we provide in accordance with international standards.


Erikmann glass balcony glass systems can be installed in different types of balconies. All parts and elements of the folding glass balcony systems used in outdoor balconies must therefore be suitable for outdoor conditions. All parts must be made of stainless, especially chrome nickel materials. In addition, it must be very safe and must be equipped with locking and closing systems. Since the houses are protected from the cold conditions of the outdoor areas and also have the effect of thermal insulation, closing the balcony requires care. Erikmann Glass Balcony closure systems are guaranteed and guaranteed. Folding glass balconies with folding glazing feature create a living space in their homes for you values users. In all seasons, you can sit safely on glass balconies in a well-heated environment.

As Erikmann Glass Balcony, we also make glass conservatory. Fast and high quality design of the winter garden Erikmann the pioneers in Turkey has specialized in the construction of balcony glass conservatories. Winter garden systems with reasonable price options, anyone who wants to create a beautiful winter living space. If desired, your garden can be fully opened and turned into a real garden in the summer season. Winter garden models are realized with various designs. The glass winter garden will provide you with a garden environment in the middle of winter, away from the boringness of city life, and create a garden environment in your home. Although winter gardens are perceived as high cost by many people, you will witness how affordable winter garden can be created with Erikman Glass Balcony systems.

All of our production and applications are carried out in accordance with Total Quality Management and ensure that we walk confidently to our targets.

We know how valuable quality is. Erikmann Glass for those with quality lifestyle ...


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